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We strategically tackle business problems, using our extensive network to build a custom team for your solution. Using best of breed technologies and cutting edge designs. Your solution will be slick, efficient and well implemented.

We sometimes partner with various organisations, working together to create a fuller solution as an end product. Digital Fuel and Flint Motion are both businesses we work well with, addressing our clients as a single cohesive unit.

We have also partnered with Media Monitoring Africa to produce a variety of sites, games and systems for monitoring, collecting data and providing information.

An example of this is TV Diet, which monitors the TV watching habits of children and young adults, rewarding good habits while collecting feedback on various shows.

Another example: the MoJo/Newstools project (including Churnalism and Newsdiffs for South Africa), conceptualised and run by MMA, assisted by Jozi Hub, monitored by Justin Arenstein and funded by the Africa News Innovation Challenge [We're #15 - MoJo].

See some of our recent work below:

Mvunonala Website Client: Mvunonala

  • Mvunonala Asset Managers Site, Mvunonala Holdings site - Custom WP Template Design, Brand exploration, Logo updates, Site success measurement
  • Live: February 2014
  • Graphic Design, Theme creation
  • View Site

GMC Site Revamp Client: GMC Aircon

  • To re-create the website with a clearer focus on SEO with the help of Gareth Llewellyn. We took the opportunity to revamp the design also.
  • Live: February 2014
  • Theme selection, Graphic elements
  • Content revision, SEO

Sun Goddess E-Shop Client: Sun Goddess Fashion House

  • Sun Goddess instructed us to create a cutting edge online Store for their unique fashion products. Now their clients and fans can purchase from anywhere!
  • Live: February 2014
  • Woo-Commerce Site Creation
  • Design, Product Management

Edge Growth New SiteClient: Edge Growth

  • Edge's site highlights their core business and at the same time communicates engaging stories of how their work solves client problems
  • Live: November, 2013
  • Creative, Design, Strategy
  • Custom Theme Creation

GMaven Site Client: GMaven

  • We got given an incredible design by Workbench. The challenge: to make it a hot dynamic website!
  • Live: November, 2013
  • Custom Theme Creation
  • Funky Javascript Functionality

Human Genome Movie Client: Prof Pepper & University of PTA

  • We were approached by Prof. Pepper to created an animated movie that would assist in one of his lectures on the human genome.
  • Completed: November 2013
  • Concept Creation, Storyboard
  • Animation, 3D

Mvunonala: MAM & Holdings

Brand and Site Design: October 2013, February 2014

Mvunonala needed a web presence overhaul, tying the brand updates to their recent company advancements, and expressing this online. Mvunonala Asset Managers (MAM) was the first site to benefit from these changes, and following after was the Holdings site, which went live this month. Our sites are now on the BBS site which will experience an update very soon.

MAM site
Holdings site

BBS Site coming soon!

GMC Airconditioning

Site Revamp, SEO & Product line revision: February 2014

Assemble worked closely with Gareth Llewellyn from GNet Studios to re-purpose the site with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practises.

Techniques were also used to strengthen the call to actions on the site, to improve the number of site queries and overall ease of use.

See the site

Sun Goddess Fashion House

Brand revision, E-Shop creation: February, 2014

Sun Goddess instructed us to create a cutting edge online Store for their unique fashion products. Now their clients and fans can purchase from anywhere!
We used the Payline payment gateway.

See Sun Goddess

Edge Growth

New Website, Design, Social Media strategy. Live: November 2013

Edge's site highlights their core business and at the same time communicates engaging stories of how their work solves client problems.


Creation of Responsive HTML5 and Wordpress Theme: November, 2013

Taking the creative work of Workbench, and creating HTML5, Responsive Wordpress custom theme.
Adrian Holmes was responsible for the code-weaving on this project...

also see:



Human Genome - Animation for Discussion

Prof Michael Pepper, October, 2013

Using Flint Motion, we produced an animation to assist Prof. Pepper in explaning the detail and complexity of the human genome.

See the video:

Human Genome from Flint Motion on Vimeo.

who are we

We're a tight team of creative professionals (including strategists, designers, writers, animators & developers) who work together to create truly engaging digital experiences. We're passionate about what we do.

Billy Einkamerer Pic
Billy Einkamerer

Founder, Tech Lead

Salome Bothma Pic
Salome Bothma

Lead Sitemaker

Grant Esch Pic
Grant Esch

Creative & Design

Freddie Cronje Pic
Freddie Cronje

Project Management

Rex Green Pic
Rex Green

Developer and Special Forces

Alex Blake Pic
Alex Blake


Martin Roberts Pic
Martin Roberts

Designer, Layout extraordinaire

Derrek Saxton Pic
Derrek Saxton

Lead Strategist

We also work with: Sean McMahon (Strategy on SA Cities Network), Nikki McMahon (Lead Dev on the Air Liquide Project), Saul Kropman (Copywriting on Edge Growth), Adrian Holmes (Wordpress coding on GMaven and GetCreditSmart).


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